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Travel to A Pet-Friendly Country Abroad

Plan your trip to Europe and Canada, travel to a pet-friendly country abroad, and get all you need at PetSmart to take your dog along.

Dog-friendly Austria

Go for a great outdoor experience with your dog, and enjoy beautiful lake and mountain views. Feel welcomed, learn a little German and walk your dog comfortably. Don’t get distracted, keep your dog safe, and get a Top Paw Travel Dog Harness from PetSmart. Easy to use; its excellent design secures your dog and keeps it from slipping. Think. No more running all over the place. Feel comfortable knowing your dog is secure, continue enjoying Austria and go for a hike with your dog.

Dog-Friendly Hungary

Hungary is very pet-friendly and dogs are treated like they are part of the family. Feel welcomed and stop at historic centers in Budapest with your dog. Go for a walk, let your dog relax and enjoy the trip, and opt for a Pet Gear Travel Lite Pet Stroller from PetSmart. You dog will be secured and protected. Plus, he’ll surely enjoy and love to be pushed around.

Dog-Friendly Canada

Canadians are the friendliest people and will make you and your dog feel at home. Go to the beach, take your dog with you and enjoy sunny Vancouver. Don’t have all the fun yourself, let your dog have some fun too, and opt for a Pet Life Lightweight Folding Collapsible Travel Playpen from PetSmart. This secure playpen keeps your dog inside and prevents it from jumping out.

Dog-Friendly Sweden

Your dog will fall in love Sweden’s warm temperature. Explore the city of Stockholm with your dog, go for a train ride, or take a walk and enjoy Sweden’s beautiful coastline. If you decide to go in summer, keep your dog cool at the beach and opt for K&K Cool Bed III Pet Bed from PetSmart. Easy to use and ready for your dog to use in less than 10 minutes. Now let your dog rest while you work on your tan.

Dog-Friendly Great Britain

Go on a treasure hunt and discover all Great Britain has to offer. Take your dog and explore medieval castles and prehistoric sites. Get ready to do lots of walking and experience Great Britain’s history with your dog.  Keep your dog safe, comfortable and opt for a Snoozer 4-1 Roll Around from PetSmart. Your dog won’t want to get out and probably take a nap.

Dog-Friendly the Netherlands

Go for a long walk and learn about Amsterdam’s historic streets. Take lots of pictures of you and your dog checking out colorful tulips in the streets. Be prepared your dog will get super hungry and thirsty after this long walk around the city, so opt for a Top Paw Travel Bowl from PetSmart. Great for traveling, convenient and can be attached to stroller, belt loop, anything.

Consider taking your dog along on your European and Canadian getaway and visit PetSmart to get travel essentials.… Read the rest

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Mobile Applications

Many small businesses have a hard time competing in the market. This is especially true for companies struggling in the online and mobile space. If you invest in the development of mobile applications, chances are that you have to take the help of a mobile application development company. But there is a catch! However, it is your responsibility to guide developers. No one knows your customers than you do. In simple words, you need to work closely with the development team. Most leading companies allow their clients to provide valuable insights. Here, we will discuss some other ways to develop the best mobile phone applications. You can also see it in

Realistic goals and clear

Small businesses should have a clear and realistic expectation of the application. So, you have to set a goal of the application. For example, many companies want to attract new customers. And their applications must work towards fulfilling this goal.

Your mobile applications can also offer a large variety of functions. However, it is always better to be certain about the final destination.

Think about your customer base

Businesses must understand their targeted audience, so as to ensure that the end results effectively. So, you have to invest in research & development. You have to learn about their habits and preferences. This is definitely a process that is time-consuming and expensive. However, it is extremely beneficial to the application development process.

Simplicity is important

Simplicity is very important in the application development process. Complex UI will not be attractive to customers. In simple words, your customers only care about speed and efficiency. They want results without complications. Thus, your application should do away with the need not fuss. Large companies even follow this approach.

Target iOS, Android, and other popular platforms

This is really important and complicated. Small businesses should choose the correct platform. For example, if the majority if the user on the Android platform, it makes sense to invest in the development of Android applications. The best way is to invest in cross-platform application development.… Read the rest