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Small Business Security – Physical Security Measures Against Intruders

Often we see on the news how cybercrimes are on the rise and ways to protect yourself against them. However, even though this is the case, burglaries are still occurring. As a matter of fact, they are on the rise, especially during festive seasons. Homes and business premises are the leading targets. As such, Ultra Security Centre showcases security systems for serviced offices that will help keep intruders away.

Even though digital protection is important, do not belittle the importance of protecting your small business against physical crimes. According to a government survey named ‘Crime Against Businesses’ show that in 2013, almost half of UK’s business premises were victims of crimes. The report mentions that out of those crimes reported, 80% were victims of burglary. As a matter of facts, the report shows that small businesses are three times more likely to be a target compared to domestic homes.


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