How To Invest In Today’s Shale Oil Boom

According to estimates released by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), present global oil consumption now measures at around 91.5 million barrels per day. Also, EIA surveys show consumption experiencing a steady rise over the next few years. This is because worldwide energy demand is growing with the population, with economic expansion, and with the attendant demands being made on systems to maintain present-day standards of living. As a result, production of oil through the exploitation of shale extraction and new well-drilling and exploration technologies to maximize output promises a very rich return on investment. And, this holds not only for the Big Players in the energy market but millions of ordinary people as well.

Oil and natural gas represent hard asset investments. Their security depends on a continuing demand for these increasingly valuable commodities. Given current trends, that security is about as rock solid as any investment can possibly be. The opportunities for small investors to cash in big have never been better, especially given changes in the laws that have facilitated the creation of new start-up investment.

The most notable of these changes was the passage of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS). Congress literally opened the floodgates for small players to invest for big stakes. One particular feature of the new law allowed for investment long before the rules requiring these companies to go public would kick in. Among these new start-ups were energy companies, of course. However, the law also covered direct private investment in new oil and gas drilling and extraction projects.

As a result, accredited investors can get in early and own their own oil or gas wells. They can buy a share of one well or a series of wells and extraction operations for a marginal investment of between $7000 to $15,000. With the expansion of production, even a small investment can result in a massive return, perhaps two or even three times the original stake. This is an opportunity no smart investor can afford to pass by.

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