One Rank to Rule them All: How SEO Companies Are Using One Business Chain Ranking to Help the Others

Chain business leaders are often trapped when it comes to their SEO efforts. For one, they need to prioritize their company in the rankings over nearby competitors. But, they also do not have the vital resources to individualize their company over another. It is hard to rank very high in the local market when all the other companies are basically doing the exact same thing by design.

Chain Restaurant Ranking and Who Competes

How does a Mcdonald’s or Subway rank in the highest? Who does this responsibility fall to? Thankfully, SEO companies have a few answers on how this can be accomplished. The company will prioritize its efforts towards one company. This is one specific location of the business in the local community. By extension, the other companies will be helped by what is a trickle-down logic.

The strategy has changed how SEO is applied in corporate or franchise chains. Instead of splashing everyone with the same strategies, one is focused on. The former strategy forces company stores to cannibalizes each other. They compete for the same keywords and the same principle SEO strategies. Yet, only one will rise to the top, if at all. The logic here is to apply a lot of energy towards one store and have it dominate in SEO. The others will invariably receive support.

It is more useful to have one rank very high as opposed to having many ranks in the middle. In this way, McDonald’s’ can compete with Burger King and Wendy’s, as opposed to many different versions of itself. The effort is less shotgun-oriented and more laser-targeted to make the local optimization work most efficiently.

What is Being Seen- Good and Bad- with SEO in 2017

The above strategy is effective for corporate and franchise stores looking for a new strategy in their SEO. It is not the only way SEO has subtly evolved. SEO is changing in both good ways and bad ways, and it is up to a seo company to explore what works and what does not. What will last into the future and what is just a current distraction? Work with a team that can define these lines.