Questions to Ask when Looking for Incident Reporting Software

An incident management process is always greatly impacted by the solutions availed to carry it out. Technology needs to be your friend if you want to manage incidents efficiently in your organizations. You need a tool that can send alerts when a problem arises and also track the entire activity for reporting purposes. But how do you pick the right management tool for your company? Here are various questions that should guide you. You can click to investigate more insights on this page.

Should you build software or purchase from a vendor?

A software company builds a product with features, capabilities, and enhancements that exceed anything that end users would build for themselves. Such software is sold by the vendor for less than the cost a company would incur to create its own solution. This leaves an end user with a clear choice. However, sometimes building your software makes sense, especially if you have the desire, capability, free time and don’t have a budget to purchase the software.

What about long term support. This is something most people never consider. If you choose to rely on a key employee or your IT department, what will happen if those employees leave the company or the project is a low priority? If you have the money, buying incident reporting software is the best answer assuming you opt for a qualified and experienced vendor. You will always face maintenance issues and requirements’, so partnering with a qualified vendor qualifies you to get solutions for those needs.

What’s your budget and timeline?

Cost is an essential factor and often one of the main questions you have to answer when reviewing your options with an incident reporting tool. But, you’ll find a broad range of products and services being sold at different price points. If you know your budget in advance, you will save time with vendor considerations.

Knowing when to start your project and your deadline is a vital discussion point with your potential product and service provider. You need to remember that deployment projects like this need to be planned, designed, and tested in time, and this must be considered in your timeline. Having this discussion with the vendor gives you an exact view of the project schedule.

Who can see what and do what?

Probably the information that the incident reporting software will have will be sensitive, and the chances are that different users will access the system. You need to ensure that only specific people can see particular functionalities. You want to make sure the software achieves the security model you like. Note that the security model will change from time to time and the software must change too. Confirm from the vendor if you can make your own security changes to the model and if the solution integrates with Active Directory in large IT environments.

Purchasing an incident reporting software is not something you will often be doing, so you need to ensure that you make a knowledgeable choice. These questions we have covered should guide you on your quest to develop an incident reporting software.