Reasons to Consider Using CO2 Laser Tubes

The CO2 laser glass tubes are also commonly referred to as a gas laser. It is created by using the reaction of several gases in an enclosed space under vacuum conditions. There are two tube types, glass tube lasers and RF lasers. Some believe that the glass tube options are inferior, but it is best to learn the facts first.

When it comes to co2 laser tube price, the glass tube lasers are the more affordable option. In fact, they range from a fifth to a twentieth of the price of the RF laser. In some cases, these lasers can last for 5,000 to 10,000 hours, which means it can be operated for eight hours each day for a period of 625 days with just one tube. They can also be replaced or maintained by the person using them, rather than a technician which helps to save money from the high cost of maintenance.

The glass laser tubes have also been created to last and have been used for more than four decades. Due to the complexity of an RF laser, such as the need to use an RF generator and a professional installer or technician, simplicity is the main advantage of the glass tube since they are powered by DC methods.

Another important factor that needs to be considered is the beam’s shape. Because of the round tube the gases are contained in, the glass tube creates a round laser beam naturally. An RF tube is either rectangular or square and creates an oval beam, due to special optics. If the tube is being used for architectural, puzzles or marquetry models, then having a completely round beam is not necessary.

Taking the time to learn more about these options can help ensure the desired effects are achieved. The fact is, these tubes are extremely durable, which makes them ideal for a number of industrial and commercial settings. Being informed and working with the professionals can help ensure that the right type of tubes are purchased and used. With two options, having as much information as possible will result in the best choice being made.