Shipping Cost For Ecommerce: Which Express Courier To Choose

E-commerce is entering the expansion plans of an increasing number of activities. If once online commerce was seen only as a competitor of physical stores, today many activities in the fashion and clothing sector choose to open an online shop to have an additional sales channel and thus expand their audience, customers and increase sales. In this process of opening the online sales channel, the choice of express courier becomes fundamental.

Having an online shop means being found, being visible on search engines, having professional photos of products, managing social channels and integrating everything with the physical store. But in e-commerce the sales process involves a further step: the shipping of products. You need to choose a reliable express courier, which becomes a real partner of your business: late deliveries, damaged items or other problems, even if caused by the courier, will fall on the image of your store. In case of the cheap courier to USA you need to search the best.

Even more important is your e-commerce delivery strategy. What price to apply to the delivery of products? Offer free shipping, or apply variable rates based on the amount of goods purchased? The choice of express courier could also depend on the strategy you want to implement.

Express Delivery: Selection Guide

A first step is to ask for quotes from the main express couriers on the market. In Italy several shippers operate: some Italians (like BRT, SDA), others international (for example UPS, TNT, FedEx, Nexive, DHL and GLS). Each of these operators has different services and advantages, which you can check by asking for quotes from everyone.

In general, Italian express couriers are more competitive on the national territory. They have a greater number of hubs and branches in the area and therefore have lower costs and usually more easily serve even the most remote locations, such as mountain municipalities and islands. If your e-commerce makes shipments abroad, international couriers offer easier shipping at lower prices and shorter times.

Based on these indications and the estimates you will receive, you can make a first choice. The advice is to work, at least initially, with more couriers. For example you can find that for some Italian locations (for example, the islands) some national couriers deliver at lower prices, while others are more effective in rapid deliveries. The same applies to foreign shipments: you will hardly find a single, more competitive forwarder for all international destinations. Working with multiple operators you can limit your shipping costs and over time you will choose those that meet most of your needs. For the International courier services this is the best deal.

Cost Of E-Commerce Shipments: Volumetric Weight

The cost of e-commerce shipments does not only contribute to the courier and the destination of the goods, but also to the weight and size of the package. As a rule, the more the package is heavy and bulky, the more the shipping price increases.

Couriers rarely calculate the cost of shipping based on the weight alone of the package: most of them consider both the weight and the volume of the package. The volumetric weight is the taxable weight and is calculated by multiplying the volume of the package by the weight / volume ratio indicated in the express delivery contract. The easiest thing is to go to the shipper’s website, where there are usually forms that automatically calculate the taxable weight of your package.