Signs You Need to Consider Using a Field Service App

Most firms start out using a simple database like Excel to track their jobs. This is very common with start-ups. When you have a few technicians, it can be hard to justify using a field service app. But do companies enjoy benefits when they choose to use an FSM app? The truth is, even small companies do experience enormous benefits after switching to FSM systems. But, how do you know that you need to upgrade from using a spreadsheet into a robust and efficient tracking solution? Read on to know the signs you should check out the post right here.

Errors in job notes or accounting

Depending on spreadsheets to track jobs results in bad accounting. This gets worse when a business is growing at a high rate. Some signs to look out for include complicated paper trails, accounting errors seen during audits, errors when notes or receipts are entered into a system, and techs spending work time to enter job notes.

Most of these mistakes are caused by transcription difficulties. This is because there is a gap between completing jobs and entering notes, so techs may struggle to fill in the blanks. When paper receipts get damaged or lost, it becomes hard to account for a job accurately. FSM apps allow techs to enter and track time and notes while working. Problems like bad handwriting and concerns of forgetting essential details of the work become a history.

Lack of customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction can help you tell if you have issues with scheduling. This can be realized when customer satisfaction drops at a time when your firm is growing. If your clients are complaining about problems like incomplete repairs, late arrivals, or no/late response to emergency calls, then you know it’s time you switched to an FSM app.

Poor job management and scheduling may cause most of these issues. Poor scheduling means your techs show up for work too late, get rushed to job sites, or have little idle time between each job. Electronic scheduling, as well as GPS tracking, can help fix these problems. You can still use the app to send customers alerts about the job. Moreover, customers who are informed when a technician will arrive will be happier.

Difficulty in scheduling new jobs to technicians

One of the major problems growing companies face is visibility. When you don’t know where technicians are or the jobs they are currently working on, its time you upgraded your technology. As a company grows, so do the scheduling challenges. Making calls all the time to find out where technicians are at isn’t a perfect remedy, either. When a technician is busy updating you on the progress, they are not spending time with clients to help solve the problem at hand.

You can solve this by using a field service app. The program lets you schedule new tasks to techs electronically and know of their progress too. Since these programs have built in GPS, techs will alert you or the customer when they are running late.

You don’t need to be inefficient while offering services anymore. If you notice any of these problems, get a field service app as soon as possible.