Small Business Security – Physical Security Measures Against Intruders

Often we see on the news how cybercrimes are on the rise and ways to protect yourself against them. However, even though this is the case, burglaries are still occurring. As a matter of fact, they are on the rise, especially during festive seasons. Homes and business premises are the leading targets. As such, Ultra Security Centre showcases security systems for serviced offices that will help keep intruders away.

Even though digital protection is important, do not belittle the importance of protecting your small business against physical crimes. According to a government survey named ‘Crime Against Businesses’ show that in 2013, almost half of UK’s business premises were victims of crimes. The report mentions that out of those crimes reported, 80% were victims of burglary. As a matter of facts, the report shows that small businesses are three times more likely to be a target compared to domestic homes.

1. Good Locks

The best exterior door locks for businesses are five-level mortice and deadbolts. However, it is wise to also include them on the inside. This technique will allow you to limit free access to all sections of the building.

You should also include good lock systems for the windows as well. According to the police, having two locks on the gates (one at the top and the other one at the bottom) will help. If you have roller shutter doors, you should consider adding stout padlock on top of the other mechanisms that might be included.

2. Changing the Locks

If you are new to any particular building or room, then you should consider changing the locks. This is because you do not know how many keys to that door are out there.

3. Key Access Control

This simply means keeping a record of those with keys and the doors those keys open. You should also create a policy whereby the keys should never be shared with anyone and they should be handed over when an employee leaves.

4. Perimeter Security

The truth is that good locks are worthless if there is an easy way around them. Even with the best possible security, if there is a hole in the fence somewhere near your premises, it will render all your work worthless.

5. Make Climbing Hard

Unlike razor wires and broken grass, anti-climbing spikes are durable and quite legal. However, the law demands putting up a poster mentioning that you have installed them. You can also invest in slippery, non-drying anti-climbing paints to stop people from getting to the rooftop.

6. Security Lights

Security lights are very important. This is because burglars use darkness to commit what they intended to do. Therefore, if you take away darkness, it becomes challenging for them to commit the act. Due to advancement in technology, a majority of them are energy saving and work even when there are blackouts. This is made possible by solar panels.

7. Strength in Numbers

Consider working with those close to you, by hiring a security firm. The security firm will not only hire professionals but patrol the area.

8. Security Mirrors

It is wise to invest in security mirrors. This is because they help to not only see around corners but offer a wide angle of view. This gives you the power to see what others are doing without them seeing you. These mirrors are not ordinary because they are made of polycarbonate, making them strong and durable.

9. Help From the Staff

It is always wise to encourage your staff to walk around the premise during working hours. This technique helps in deter intruders. Furthermore, it will become easy for them to spot strangers in places where they are not supposed to be.

10. Ram Raid Barriers

Ram raid barriers are beneficial to security, especially because burglars always must have a vehicle ready when they want to get away. With this technique, you can limit or prevent their escape plan. Furthermore, it gives you the ability to conduct vehicle searches as a security measure.