Stay Cool This Summer With A Ducted Air Con

Summer is coming quickly, and that means temperatures will be on the rise. Homeowners might be in for a real shock when they try to turn on their AC unit for the first time. After months of disuse, many home air conditioner units are in rough condition. That means they might not start up when the homeowner first tries. Ducted Air Con units are major appliances and require regular service in order to last. Making the unit last longer is just the start. Regular service visits can help save money on energy costs throughout the year, especially for a reverse cycle unit. Most service providers will recommend at least two visits per year in order to keep the appliance in good working order.

Scheduled service visits are the best way to save money on heating and cooling costs. These semi-annual service visits will help make sure all three parts of the cooling system is ready to face the coming season. Checking the unit for mechanical issues is the first step in any service check. These mechanical issues can cause the unit to work much harder and put unnecessary strain on the unit. The next thing to check is the wiring coming to and from the unit. Faulty wiring can stop the unit working, damaged wires can be a fire hazard and put everyone in the home at risk. The only part left to check after that are the ducts. Any holes or gaps in the ducts can allow cool air to escape, forcing the appliance to run harder and waste considerable amounts of energy.

Keeping the cooling appliance of a home in good working order is easier and more affordable than some homeowners know. Regular service checks keep energy costs to a minimum. The energy savings throughout the year can add up to a hefty sum. If the savings are high enough, they could completely offset the cost of service visits. Homeowners can schedule visits well ahead of time in order to avoid waiting for service during peak seasons. That means homeowners get the service they need at little to no cost and in the most convenient way possible.