The Inventions of the 21st Century Are Changing the Human Experience

All humans are creative. After all, we create our experiences through the choices we make and the beliefs we have. But not all humans take their creativity to the next level. But modern-day inventors do, and they are refining the human experience. Humans are on the verge of kissing most of their concrete beliefs goodbye, thanks to the modern scientific community and the inventors who have monumental breakthroughs every day in the fields of quantum physics, and human consciousness. The inventors in Silicon Valley are taking a bite out of the old version of human individuality, and those inventors are putting individuality in cell phones and other technological gadgets that force people to be more social and less inhibited. And let’s not forget the inventors in the automotive industry. The genius of the driverless cars is a stone throw away, and those vehicles will change how, why, and where people travel to shop, work, and play.

The 21st century got off to a good start in the health industry, thanks to the artificial heart and liver. Plus, the iPod hit the electronic market by storm in 2001, and that little gadget is responsible for a plethora of changes in the music business. The clothing business was put on notice in 2003 when Luminex, the glowing fabric gave the sports industry a whole new look and how about the shoe industry? Adidas gave the world the Adidas 1. The Adidas 1 has a built-in microprocessor that determines how firm or soft support a person needs. And the inventions in the computer industry continue to change daily human life. The food industry is also changing thanks to inventors like Clayton Alexander. There’s more information about technological inventions and the work of inventors like Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Shunpei Yamazaki and Kia Silverbrook. Yamazaki is responsible for inventing the thin-film transistor, and Silverbrook gave the world a high-speed color printing technology. But we can’t forget inventions like the birth control patch, the Braille glove, solar tower, virtual keyboard, Foveon camera chip and Toyota’s hybrid car. One of the top modern inventions is on this site here.

Inventors like Henry Ford, Eli Whitney, and Nikola Tesla are the unspoken heroes and the groundbreakers who went off the rails and ventured into uncharted territory. And these pioneers were not afraid to fail. Failure is an inventor’s friend, according to some modern-day inventors who say they learn more from their failures than from their successes. And it doesn’t matter if they fail once or several times. Failure and success are similar achievements in the world of inventors. And humans enjoy the fruits of those inventive experiences in one way or another. In fact, some failures turn into incredible inventions in other industries. Modern-day inventions are blowing the minds and changing the lives of people all over the world at an unprecedented pace. The most mind-blowing addition to 21st-century living is the advancements in Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence advancements opens another world to humans, and in that world, humans come in second. But that’s another topic.