The Way you Treat your Employees Could Lead to More Than Just Stress

The employer-employee relationship is different from any other kind of relationship. Because the boss can hold the future of their employees’ careers and financial status in their hand, this relationship can be either very beneficial or not advantageous at all. Hence, the type of treatment that an employee receives at the hands of their own employers can make the difference between leading a pleasant life or a life filled with anxiety and frustration. Simply put, it is very important that you understand that the way that you treat your employees could lead to more than just stress. In fact, some of the things that the boss allows an employee to endure may even lead them to abusing legal and illegal substances like drugs and alcohol.

Even though these relationships may appear to be only business relationships that end when the employees leave the worksite, this is not always the case. In fact, in some situations, employees may begin to experience stress, anxiety, frustrations that can lead to needing a way to calm down when they get home. Here are three examples of employer-employee behavior that can drive employees to drink.

Boss’s Behavior Leads to Frustrations

If you are a boss, you need to know how your behavior and actions impact the employees that you are over. Even when you are not paying close attention to the events of the day, you can cause irreparable harm if you do not handle every workplace situation with care. For instance, if an employee is concerned about losing their job due to harassment or some other illegal activities, they may internalize these issues in their own mind and not share with others to solicit help. Instead, they may handle these issues by turning to drug and alcohol to dull their pain. Later on, they may also be the employees that need help through a drug and alcohol addiction rehab center.

Employees in Constant Fear of the Boss Firing them for No Reason

Another key reason why the actions of an employee may change dramatically is the actual fear of losing their jobs. Job security means a lot to many people since it translates into taking care of themselves or their family properly. These situations can happen more often than many people may think. Especially, because the boss may place extra conditions on the work that they produce, refuse to give them time off when it is really needed, hold them up to public ridicule in meeting before their peers and a host of other things that can rip the confidence from them in performing their jobs well as they should.

High Demands of the Job — Lose Control — No Work Life Balance

It is not uncommon for an employee to begin to drink or take drugs when they are losing control of their lives. Usually, when bosses drive their employees over their work life balance, they may turn to substance abuse to fill in the gap. For example, if they want to relax and wind down quickly when they walk through the door, they may begin drinking more alcohol frequently to drift off to sleep.