Using a Staffing Agency to Attract Loyal Employee

When you’re a temp you have an understanding that your job is not permanent. You could be there for months, weeks, or even a day or two. In a lot of cases after the project is over, you will be reassigned. Once a temp employee is offered to be a part of the company it can be a morale boost. The offer shows that the company sees value in the employee. Managers must keep in mind that a temp doesn’t mean this is someone to get over on. Temps can be just as capable if not more skilled than your direct hires. No employee wants to feel disregarded and you will still have to sell them on joining the company if you wish to get their loyalty in return. If you want to use a staffing agency to attract loyal employees you should offer a great benefits package, offer a higher starting salary, and use a solid recruiting agency.

Great Benefits Package

When you offer the job to the temp, mention your benefits. Benefits are always a good selling point. If you don’t offer the best benefits, then you may have trouble keeping temps as well as direct hires. Today things like insurance matter, especially if the pay isn’t that high. Offer the employee a nice package featuring health insurance, paid holidays and paid time off, and you might get a loyal and harder working employee.

Higher Starting Salary

The thing with companies is they don’t realize that employees know they are worth more as a temp in the world of dollar signs. Yes, they are making $10 an hour but you are paying a fee to have them come work for you. When you request a temp and want to offer a job, consider how much the temp is really worth. You already know they are worth more than you are paying for them because you’re convinced they are worth hiring. The point here is if you want this job offer to be their last stop then offer something worth staying for. Half of a dollar more than what they were getting at the agency means you’re saving money and you’re also disrespecting the true labor value of the employee. If they see a big increase by coming on board with your company, they will be more tempted to stay instead of going back to the staffing agency.

Solid Recruiting Agency

Use agencies with good history. Read reviews ask around to other peers and see who they use for recruitment. You want an agency that you can trust to provide you with dependable, knowledgeable and hardworking employees. It doesn’t matter if they are in sales, mechanics or healthcare. You want to produce good work and increase productivity as a company. Use an agency who has good judgment you can trust. If you need a salesperson you should know that groups like Sales HQ are a sales staffing agency.

Hiring is a tough job. Even in a tough economy, you can’t turn your back on employees and still expect them to be loyal. If you want to build your company’s reputation you should work well with the recruiting firm you use and the employees, they staff you with. Word gets around fast. If you want to convince a temporary employee to come on board with your company, a few selling points you can use is offer great benefits, pay a higher rate, and use a solid recruiting agency.