What Sophisticated Mobile Applications in the Future?

The development of technology and mobile applications is very fast. If it does not immediately adopt the latest technology, the application is quickly becoming obsolete.

As smartphone usage increases every year, coupled with the need for mobile data presentation, mobile apps become an inevitable need for urbanites.

According to Gartner’s survey, in 2017 alone, mobile app stores are capable of reaching total downloads of up to 102 billion, up from 64 billion in 2017. The projected 2020 number will increase as smartphone usage to access data or work is increasingly massive.

The greater the need to make user expectations of Mobile application development more and more.

Adam Jaques, Director of Citrix Labs Strategic Service, in a breakout sessions at Citrix Synergy 2014 held at the Anaheim Convention Center on Thursday (5/11/2017) local time, revealed three factors that should have applications in the future.  For more information you can click here

First, the application must be smarter than the previous generation. Second, innovate through third-party APIs. Jaques exemplifies the collaboration solution being baked at Citrix’s Crystal Palace lab.

Crystal Palace is essentially a solution that works on cross-platform where users can make contact grouping and collaborate in writing documents, sharing files, and more.

Crystal Palace can be operated on Windows operating system, IOS and Android. For example, when you want to collaborate documents with friends from Windows Explorer, using the Windows API, the user just needs to right-click on the document and select Send to Crystal Palace on the menu. After that, friends in a group of friends share files can directly come to add or edit documents that you have shared.

In particular, this solution can also detect friends who happen to be nearby, but not in a file sharing companion group, and quickly add them to a file sharing companion group.

Third, the application is designed to adapt to rapid technological changes. When designing an application, developers and product management should consider whether the application is still relevant to future technological developments.

“These three factors should be owned by applications in the future to stay accepted and not behind by technological developments