How to open a business or branch in Italy Advantages and Opportunities

How to open a business or branch in Italy Advantages and Opportunities

Italy is the seventh largest economy in the world and has always had characteristics that attract visitors from every continent, interested both in exploring its tourist beauties and in entering its large and rich market.

Our strengths have always been style, design and the enhancement of traditions, but the lively scene of our local startups has also produced excellent results in the areas of innovation, technology and renewable energies.

In recent years, moreover, some efforts have also been made to lighten the complex bureaucratic apparatus that regulates the opening of new businesses and that often ended up discouraging foreign companies interested in opening offices, factories or points of sale in our country.

So what are the reasons that today make it profitable for a foreign company to open a business or Open a branch in Italy? Here are a few.

Selling on the Italian market: the importance of in-store experience

Of course, in Italy as in the rest of the world, the most well-known e-commerce portals have recorded an epochal success and changed many of our purchasing habits.

However, the Italian approach to purchasing is still strongly linked to the physical experience of the store. This is not about a lack of confidence in the delivery system or technology, but of a centuries-old tradition that pushes us to enhance what we buy, in many sectors, from fashion to furniture, from food to luxury goods.

For Italian sensitivity, a purchase is a physical experience, which implies the possibility of feeling, seeing, touching the products, testing their quality, establishing a relationship with them. It is not a question of acquiring an object, but of enjoying the experience of choosing and purchasing. For this reason many brands choose to have branches in Italy, in order to access the public, establishing a relationship of trust and familiarity.

The prestige and class of the Italian tradition

When we talk about fashion, style, luxury and elegance, we almost always talk about Italy. It is no coincidence that all the most famous international fashion brands, without exception, have stores in Milan and Rome, many also in Florence and other cities of the boot. When you enter into such an important tradition, it is essential to be present in the main places related to its history. For a first-rate fashion brand, for example, it is unthinkable not to have at least one showroom in the Milan fashion district.

It is not even about increasing sales: it is a question of prestige, since Milan Fashion Week remains one of the most important in the world together with London, Paris and New York. The same goes for design and, of course, for restaurant franchises. The presence and popularity in an Italian city, in this sense, is the ratification of an international success.

Startup and innovation: a reality in continuous growth

In most countries, startups are concentrated in the capital or in specific areas that have distinguished themselves for innovation policies. The Italian situation is different and sees a much fairer distribution of startups, with peaks over Milan and Rome, but also many interesting presences in various cities in the north-east and central-south.

This situation has favored the spontaneous formation of a scene of interesting startuppers, who manage to continuously sprout new ideas, often producing, without even too much fanfare, realities that completely revolutionize their sector.

This situation has created a climate of lively experimentation and a proliferation of initiatives dedicated to innovation, such as workshops and bootcamps, which represent an undeniable attraction for those who work in these sectors.