Issues with Running International Companies

Issues with Running International Companies

When you run a business that has territory overseas, you will constantly be looking for ways to connect one branch to the other. There are plenty of opportunities throughout the year to host events at one location. People will need to pack their bags, and the company will have to afford the costs of everybody‚Äôs plane ticket but getting people together for meetings is a possibility. Holding a week long workshop has been a solution for our company; in the past few years, we have been holding a workshop at one of our branches, and we’ve had plenty of interest from employees wanting to travel to the other branches.

People that work on one side of the Atlantic are curious about what goes on in the branch on the other side of the ocean. We like to help keep people connected between branches throughout the year by using video conference cameras. The conference cameras that our branches use allow entire boardrooms of employees to witness what goes on in the company on the other side of the ocean. It impressed our board members when we first installed the web cameras because people were used to using a phone to have these types of conferences.

We’ve had a few instances where we have an employee with a special skill that is needed at another branch. Instead of hiring a new employee at the other branch, we have had to send a person over on a plane for a short stay. We had a major internal security problem with our company in the US, so we had one of our employees from the UK arrive in the United State to assist in upgrading our company’s internal security measures. We had to help that employee ship over everything they needed to live in the US for a few months, a few boxes from his office and Shipping to the UK from US. Luckily, that problem with our security measures was cleared up without any difficulty whatsoever. That employee returned to his home after three short weeks in the US.

There’s no telling when something might go wrong in one of our branches. We have considered closing a branch down in one of the countries to help solve logistical problems, but we decided that customers like to see that our company is running business on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Both of our branches are relatively independent, so we figure it makes sense to keep our company in both countries for the next few years.

Having a business that specializes in catering to two different cultures of people takes some finesse. Even though both countries speak the same language, business practices are slightly different in each country. There’s much to be understood about both societies, and we have to meet several times each week over the digital conference network in order to come to agreeance on major issues. Otherwise, each company is able to conduct business on its own without any issues.